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Vietnamese summer roll

March 13, 2014

It’s always a treat to have this for dinner. There is a lot of prep to this then the personal labor in making your own roll. But great rewards in the end.

This is a must order item when we go to a Vietnamese restaurants, especially when it accompanies a thick peanut sauce.

This dinner is a twist from what you would get at a restaurant and was inspired from a restaurant we go to in LA k-town. Also, need to credit my cousin to preparing our first homemade summer roll dinner. Which I think is better than mine.

Today my dinner was simple. Meaning the ingredients were simplified. If it was a big crowd I would have added spam, some pickled Thai cabbage, a spicy fish sauce, perilla leaves, etc.

Tonight’s dinner had the following:

Korean Spicy pork click here for the recipe
Fiji Apple
Korean pear
Hot water to dip the wrap in. Realized the hotter the water the stickier the wrap gets so make the water warm so the wrap doesn’t tear when you roll them.

Peanut butter

I never measure but I think you need more hosin than peanut butter. Then add the sriracha based on how spicy you want it.



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