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Thai kimchee (SPICY)

April 2, 2014

My cousin taught me this recipe. It’s simple ingredients that help with my kimchee fix.


14 cans of Fermented mustard cabbage (canned)
30 Thai chili peppers
14 Lime

Throw the juice of the fermented mustard cabbage into a container you want to make it in. I used two half gallon jars.

Then slice the cabbage and throw into the container.

Slice up the chili peppers and throw into then container. Make sure you use a glove. The peppers are really spicy!

Then juice all the lime into the container. Make sure there is enough juice to cover all the cabbage and peppers.

Refrigerate for couple days before you dig in so the flavors can mix up. Beware that it might be really spicy. So start with a small piece of cabbage.

I make so much at once since there is so much chopping and it last a while.

I hope you enjoy!




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