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Grilled Pizza

March 7, 2014

First run of pizza with mushrooms

Inspired by our European trip.. . I was determined how to make pizza with fresh mozzarella. I have tried making pizza on wraps with fresh mozzarella but with so much water from the cheese. . the wrap gets soggy when you bake it. I searched the internet and found that using fresh mozzarella you have to have a high heat to cook your pizza. That is why wood fired pizza are so yummy – to me at least. Here goes my recipe:

1 pizza dough
sauteed mushrooms
olive oil
flour to roll out dough

Tomato puree 29 oz can
whole garlic
basil leaves
Olive Oil

I make my own sauce so there is leftover for dipping.

In a pot drizzle a little olive oil and turn it on to med heat. Add in about 4 garlic. Saute till you brown them. Then add in the tomato puree, basil leaves, salt and sugar. Turn the heat down to low. I never measure. So you will have to sprinkle in some salt and sugar and taste. Let it simmer for 20-30 mins. You could simmer for hours if you have the time.

I use tomato puree because I want a thicker sauce. If you want to use whole tomato and puree that .. it is fine but you will get a thinner sauce. You could even just brush on olive oil to use as sauce which would be lighter.

Turn on your grill before you start rolling out your dough.

I cut my dough to make small size pizza. I only thought to do this because I didn’t have a pizza spatula to take the pizza off the grill. I usually can get around 5 pizza out of a dough. Roll out the dough as thin as you can. It won’t make thin pizza so keep stretching it and rolling it. Once you have it all done get ready to grill!

Use some olive oil to brush onto the grill. Then throw on your dough. Close the grill and wait around couple minutes. It all depends how hot your grill is. But once it had puffed up it should be done. You can pop the bubbles that it makes. Take all the dough off the grill.

Turn the cook side of dough up so you put all your toppings on that side. We have to grill one side since it cooks so fast on the grill with high heat. Once your done putting all your toppings on brush the grill again with olive oil. Then place all your pizza on the grill and close it for approx 4 mins. It should be done. I usually garnish with fresh basil.

Once you make the pizza you realize that the cooking is so fast that I cook my mushrooms before topping them. I now just put the mushrooms on after the pizza is done. On my pizza I usually make an arugula salad with balasmic and olive oil to put on my pizza.

I sometimes just grill the dough and just eat as bread. You could just dip it in sauce. My family loves this and it has become a weekly menu item. It definitely seems healthier than ordering pizza.



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  1. Steve permalink

    Phenomenal pizza! Thanks Annie!


  2. David permalink

    Eating leftovers for lunch right now. Still as good. (#wifeoftheyear)


  3. Haley permalink

    Looks good. Now can you come here and make it for me 🙂


  4. Christina permalink

    Do you put tin foil down on the grill? My husband is worried that the dough would drip down. I was telling my husband I want to make this after I tried some of Daivd’s. He gave me a weird look and asked me about the dough dripping. We have a gas grill if that makes a difference.


    • No foil needed. Just use a paper towel and put olive oil on it and wipe the grill and then put the dough on directly. It won’t drip. It cooks fast so keep an eye on it…don’t leave the grill. Good luck!


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