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Radish kimchee

November 5, 2013


Just made some fresh mu(daikon or also known as radish) kimchee. It needs to ferment before we dig into it. I like to let it ferment in the fridge so it will take longer. I have not had much luck when I let it ferment on the counter.

Kimchee recipes are hard to write up. It usually varies on someone taste and preference. I love my kimchee red so I add extra chili powder. My kimchee is salty when I mix it but as it ferments the salt will be absorb by the veggie. I taste the kimchee to make sure the taste is right, which I have been doing since I was little. I grew up watching my mom and grandma (halmoni) making it. And so far I’m the only one in my generation that attempts to make my own kimchee. Probably since I don’t have an Asian grocer that makes good kimchee without MSG or fish sauce.

This kimchee is one of the easier ones to make since I don’t need to wilt the veggie in salty water like the traditional cabbage kimchee. It is an all day event to make cabbage kimchee.

Can’t wait to have some daikon kimchee!


Daikon (radish) or mu in Korean
Chili powder
Minced garlic
Sugar (just a little)
Hon dashi (just a little)
Sliced green onion

I should have added a little of minced ginger but it’s ok. A minor ingredient.


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One Comment
  1. Steve K permalink

    That is fantastic!! I have tried to make it myself but it never comes out correctly. Yours looks ono!!


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