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April 7, 2013

Samgyetang is my translation of chicken soup (literal translation: cornish hen soup). There are many variation of this recipe but I love simple cooking, leveraging ingredients I have on hand.

Recipe is also great for babies and toddlers. A good crowd pleaser for my entire family.

I actually learned this recipe from my aunt during one of her visits. My husband said he loved it so I asked how it was made.

Whole chicken or cornish hen
sweet rice
whole peeled garlic
kitchen string

Pull the insides of the chicken out (I have no use for them so I just dump them). I rinse the chicken. Put in about a cup of sweet rice inside the chicken then the whole garlic so the rice doesn’t come out.

Sweet rice


Whole chicken

I’m not the greatest using the kitchen string to tie up the chicken but it should hopefully hold it all in.

Chicken in pot

Place the chicken in a big pot and pour enough water to cover the chicken and then some. Water will evavorate while you boil. Put on high till it boils (approx 30 mins) then reduce to simmer for about 90 minutes.

Once it’s done I usually refridgerate overnight. In the morning you can skim off all the fat. I also fish out the chicken to take the meat off the bones. I put back the meat, rice, and garlic into the soup and boil. Then its ready to serve.

When serving, flavor-to-taste with salt, pepper and sliced green onions.


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