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Soba noodles

March 31, 2013


Soba noodles are buck wheat noodles. It’s like having wheat noodles. Although the taste of soba is a lot better in my opinion. My husband doesn’t mind it and I don’t think he knows it’s healthier than the alternative.  This dish was inspired by my cousin who taught be about sauces that give lots of flavor to a dish.

Tonight’s dinner was Soba noodles, lettuce, cucumbers, stir-fry brussel sprouts, and talapia with sesame miso dressing.

1. Boil soba noodles, rinse and cool in strainer

2. Stir-fry brussel sprouts using the spicy stir-fry sauce

Brussel sprouts

3. Start a plate and layer them with lettuce and cucumbers (like a salad), then add the soba noodles on top.

4. Breaded the fish with cornstarch and cook them in frying pan.

5. Layer the fish on top of the soba noodles

6. Add the brussel sprouts to the plate

7. Pour the dressing all over the dish

8. Serve and enjoy!!!!


This meals ends up being serveral dinners. . .the next night I added fresh corn to the dish.

Throw in any veggies you have . . . . 


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