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Fried chicken in Atlanta 

April 8, 2015

It was a day of fried chicken. I almost had it also for breakfast but chose a different venue that was walking distance. But lucky for me I had fried chicken for lunch at Watershed on Peach tree. It was good but not the best. It seemed like maybe they used cornmeal to batter it. It wasn’t a thick coating of batter either. 


The biscuits were great! Best I ever had. Going back to the chicken…it wasn’t even that flavorful for me. I’m glad to have tried it but I don’t need to go back again. I had to turn this lunch up a notch and noticed a side item that had “hot” written over it. It was the cole slaw. Waiter said it wasn’t mayo based and more vinegar based, not too spicy and has sliced jalapeño. So I said bring it on….


It was pretty good. It help balance the fried chicken.  I would definitely try it again!

I wasn’t too sure about having fried chicken again for dinner but a friend made reservation.  So we did it. I did my homework and had in mind what I wanted. Ordered the fried chicken dish, the Brussels sprouts and Mac and cheese. I didn’t eat the Mac and cheese but my friend and daughter did. Have to say…chicken was worth the visit and we kept ordering more chicken. You can order additional pieces and not another entree. Collard green was good and the Brussels sprouts were exceptional. My moscato wine was delicious! I ordered two and drank every drop of it. And people that know me…I never finish my drink and I’m a light weight. 


Definitely recommend you drop into this place. We also got to see the filming of Michelle Darnell.

We finished off with this:


It’s like a fresh brownie made in this skillet. It was so good. 

Be ready for some major eating tomorrow. I have to eat as much as I can …. 

I also went to Morelli’s ice cream and it wasn’t as good as Bubbies in Hawaii. Can’t wait to try Jeni’s who ships their products! Reviews say how they have long lines. 


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