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Pizza in Atlanta 

April 7, 2015


first stop was Antica pizza in Atlanta. I read the reviews and it sounded like a great pick plus my family loves pizza…especially my hubby…so he couldn’t say no to a late night dinner for his favorite food. 

We arrived pretty late..8:45 pm. We got a tip from valet that the San Gennaro was the most popular. So we ordered one of that and another one for our daughters that love pepperoni pizza. Pizza was size of a large pizza so we could have purchased one for the 4 of us. (Pictures make it look smaller). And they won’t do half topping on the pizza. I wanted 1/2 cheese and they wouldn’t do it.  


While waiting for the pizza I had to just be nosy and look around…then I spotted people with some dipping sauces…jackpot…right in front of where they prep the pizza…I see people making their own sauces. They have some fresh grated cheese, fresh minced garlic, red pepper paste, red pepper, salt, pepper, Olive oil, and marinated peppers. So I stocked up before the pizza was done. Then I saw someone get marinara sauce (I guessed) in a white container. 

For the main event….unbelievable! We eat NY style pizza…on a weekly basis and I also grill pizza. The peppers on the San Gennaro pizza was juicy and sweet. It was like an explosion in your mouth. We couldn’t finish the pizza so we just scraped up all the peppers…my hubby went for peppers instead of sausage….he is a meat lover! He was so full and praising how great the pizza was… Mission accomplished! I think we might be here an extra night to get that pizza again!

Stay tuned for more Atlanta eats…as I try as much as I can within a few days….Cheers!


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  1. Haley permalink

    Can you send some my way? Pizza looks really good!! 🙂

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