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Crack short ribs

July 30, 2013


I had to share this recipe tonight. My title was from the feedback I had over dinner. Everyone was amazed at how great it was. My husband kept asking if I used legal ingredients cause it was so great and he couldn’t stop eating. No one could. I haven’t accommodated my whole blended families tastebud like tonight. My stepdaughter and her friend both left the table asking for the same dinner again.

This recipe is actually similar to Hawaiian style short ribs.


Flanked style short ribs
Montreal steal seasoning
Ono Hawaiian salt

Sprinkle both seasoning on the ribs and grill! It’s salty so make sure you cut back on salt if you’re not a big salt fan.


This is the last pieces before my daughter wanted more steak.



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  1. Haley permalink

    Ohh that looks really good!


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