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Fried Rice

March 7, 2015
Fried Rice Served

Fried Rice

I’ve realized that fried rice is a great crowd pleaser but it does have some labor compared to just steamed white rice. It also is a great full meal when you include meat and veggies in them.

My recipe is more to get the idea going on how to make it. You can add whatever meats and veggies that you love to it.

My original recipe is how I have been making it for years but recently I have wanted to be a lot more healthier so I changed how I made fried rice last night. I’ll include both recipes.


Steamed Rice
1 chopped red onion
3/4 lb chopped carrots
2 chopped zucchini
olive oil
garlic salt
4 eggs (cracked and mixed in a bowl)
6 Tbsp of butter
Soy Sauce
drizzle of sesame oil

Heat a pan (med-high) and drizzle some olive oil and throw in your veggies. Sprinkle the garlic salt. Saute them till they are soft (took me approx. 15 mins).

Veggies ready to saute

When they get to the right texture you like them make a hole in the middle and drizzle some olive oil and pour in the 4 eggs. Scramble them in the middle of the pan and then eventually mix it all up with the veggies.

Egg and Veggie

Then turn the heat off the stove.

Pour in the rice. I never measure….what I used equates to making 4 cups of rice (measured before cooking the rice). You have to judge the amount of veggies vs the rice. Then I put the butter on the hot rice to melt. Next drizzle in soy sauce. Make sure you drizzle all over the rice and not in one place. Drizzle the sesame oil (a little goes a long way). Make a zigzag with the oil across the pan. Then mix it all up. You may need to add more soy sauce if it isn’t dark enough for you.

Soy Sauce in Fried Rice

My Original Fried Rice:

I used frozen veggies vs fresh veggie. I like to get the ones with green beans, carrots and peas. The only difference is that I like to cook the frozen veggies in lots of butter. Once it is cooked make a hole in the middle and cook the eggs. The rest is the same.

We love to add spam in our fried rice. . .its an easy simple meal. But you can add shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, or anything else you like into the fried rice. Add it when the rice is added and make sure it is fully cooked.

To make the leftover creative. . . you can make an egg over easy on top of your fried rice.

Korean’s make fried rice using only sesame oil – no soy sauce. Its less sodium.


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