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Chicken Sausage Stir Fry

March 17, 2013

rice and chicken sausage

We had a bunch of college students (excuse the paper plates for this plating) over and I had to throw something together quick. I started the rice since it takes only 30 mins. Then started my stir fry. I used what I had in the fridge: Chicken sausage, onions, kale, and my spicy stir fry sauce.
Sempio Hot Chili Sauce


2 package of Chicken sausage

2 onions


Stir fry sauce

Olive oil

garlic salt(or minced garlic)

Slice the onions and throw them in a pan with sprinkled olive oil and garlic salt.

Onion with garlic salt

Saute it up a little and then add in the kale and chicken sausage.
Kale and onion
Once it’s cooked pour some sauce in.
Pouring sauce
Sauce is really spicy so a little goes a long way. Stir it up and your done. Pour over some rice and enjoy!


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  1. David Blinn permalink

    Your “ratings & reviews” for that meal was lots of smiles on hungry college student faces!


  2. Jae Ho Shin permalink

    Sounds simple. Sounds good. However, I can offer a more in-depth review with a taste. 🙂 We introduced a friend to the spicy sauce here and he absolutely loves it! LOVES IT!! He asked for more, so next time you can get some, we’ll take two.


    • Next time your over here. .we can definitely arrange that. I’ll try to remember. Thanks! I wish I can take all the credit but Tracey introduced me to the sauce and receipes! Love it!


  3. Haley permalink

    Chicken sausage stir fry looks like a recipe for me. Simple and few ingredients! What would you suggest other than kale?


    • Anything you have in the fridge. . .spinach. Or just sausage and onions. Green peppers? red onion? Make 2 links of sausage for just yourself and slice up the other two and freeze so you can make it another time. Even the veggie. . .slice it up and freeze and you can cook it next time.


  4. sunnycarrier permalink



  5. Haley permalink

    Thanks! I’ll have to go look for the sauce!!


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